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Buy Street Fighter 2 Arcade Machine

Unfortunately, due to the nature of arcade machines, shipping is currently limited to Australian customers only. However, overseas shipping may become available soon. Join our newsletter to be notified when!

buy street fighter 2 arcade machine

Arcade Gamer is an initiative by the team at to bring the latest and most loved Arcade1Up machines to Australia. With over 50+ years of experience in bringing the latest consumer electronics to market, we're fuelled by our love of gaming, technology and, of course, retro arcades!

No matter what kind of gamer you are, there's something about arcade cabinets that's both inviting and daunting. A fully-fledged setup of sit-down, stand up, duck down, and dance around machines are still available in most modern arcades, and chances are there's at least one fighting game you can play. If you're lucky, you might even find an original Street Fighter arcade cabinet.

Street Fighter has grown into a billion-dollar property, with Street Fighter V selling 4.7 million units. That doesn't stop people from continuing to play classics such as Street Fighter 3rd Strike and Street Fighter II. Some people still enjoy getting the truly original experience of these titles by playing them on an arcade machine. Some of them have become quite rare, however.

Thanks to (Otherwise known as Killer List of Videogames), there's database of users and logged information to draw from when researching them. Their job is to preserve this information and implant the importance of keeping these great games alive. Information includes a rarity score out of 100, members that own specific arcade machines, along with eBay listings of a game when available. Let's check out the rarest of them.

It prominently features a popular two-player mode that obligates direct, human-to-human competitive play which prolonged the survival of the declining video game arcade business market by stimulating business and driving the fighter genre.[11][12] It inspired grassroots tournament events, culminating into Evolution Championship Series (EVO).[13][12] Street Fighter II shifted the arcade competitive dynamic from achieving personal-best high scores to head-to-head competition, including large groups.[11]

Street Fighter II is regarded as one of the most influential video games of all time,[225][226][227] and the most important fighting game in particular.[227][228][229] The release of Street Fighter II in 1991 is often considered a revolutionary moment in the fighting game genre. It has the most accurate joystick and button scanning routine in the genre, allowing players to reliably execute multi-button special moves, and its graphics use Capcom's CPS arcade chipset, with highly detailed characters and stages. Whereas previous games allow players to combat a variety of computer-controlled fighters, Street Fighter II allows human combat.

The popularity of Street Fighter II surprised the gaming industry, as arcade owners bought more machines to keep up with demand.[230] It was responsible for introducing the combo mechanic, which came about when skilled players learned that they could combine several attacks with no time for the opponent to recover.[21][226][231][232] Its success inspired a wave of other fighting games, which were initially often labeled as "clones"[225][233] or imitators, including titles such as Guardians of the 'Hood, Art of Fighting, Time Killers,[234] Mortal Kombat,[235] and Killer Instinct. Street Fighter II also influenced the development of the combat mechanics of beat 'em up game Streets of Rage 2.[236] However, Street Fighter II also received criticism for its depiction of street violence, and for having inspired numerous other violent games in the industry.[234]

@abe_hikura Right! I'm so confused! THey release a fifty dollar port of a 20 year old game and everyone freaks out at how amazing it is, and I'm watching like "What the FORCED DLC???" And then they release this, which has the same game in it, plus 10 other games or whatever, has the same online capabilities, and is 20 bucks cheaper???? Like what the DRM POLICIES? How does capcom decide their pricing? Roll a dice? Or is it all about milking as much money from their fans as they think they physically can. Thank god I'm not a street fighter fan, or really a fan of any capcom games. I even gave up on Dead rising after 3.

This arcade machine is 58.5 pounds and stands 45.8 inches tall, making it a great addition to a den or entertainment room. It has a 17-inch screen and features authentic arcade controls, allowing up to two players at a time.

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While finding, purchasing and maintaining one of these old machines is the realm of true enthusiasts, Arcade 1Up offer a range of replica cabinets that let you play the popular games of the arcade period without shelling out thousands of dollars for the real thing.

There were historically plenty of multiplayer games available on arcade machines, but most of these had to be played with two seperate machines connected together, or on a cramped dual controls cabinet. Fortunately, Arcade 1Up also sells arcade tables, which puts two 17-inch displays and a pair of full control decks at opposite ends of a specially designed flat cabinet with a protective cover. This way, you can actually use it as a functional table without fear of damaging the parts you need to play the games with.

A retro Street Fighter II Champion Edition arcade machine for an environment assesment. Modelled in Autodesk Maya 2019, Textured using Substance Painter for main colouring and maps, and Photoshop used to add retro Street Fighter decals.

Such mass appeal placed SFII coin-op cabinets across everyday settings: at fast-food outlets, shopping malls, video-rental stores, entertainment centres and more. It proved a formative event for countless players of all backgrounds. Leone tells me about an early 90s Californian summer when he spotted a truck delivering a SFII machine, and chased it on his bike to its destination. Seth Killian, a former gaming tournament competitor/commentator who would later become a Capcom senior manager (and have a SFIV boss character named after him), describes discovering SFII at a "hole-in-the-wall" arcade in suburban Illinois.

The Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat Arcade Machine price includes Free curbside Shipping. The Freight company will bring the machine to your home but it will be your responsibility to get the Arcade Game into your home. The Main cabinet and control panel can be easily separated to get the arcade game into your home. The minimum door opening size you need is 29" door opening. So this game will fit through any standard door.

What do you think about this Arcade cabinet? Is it something you can see on your desk? Would this make for a good gift? If you could have any arcade machine ever what would it be? Let us know in the comments below! 041b061a72


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