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Gamefowl Farms In Kansas

Gamefowl Farms in Kansas

If you are looking for gamefowl farms in Kansas, you might be interested in learning more about the different types of game birds that are raised and hunted in this state. Gamefowl are domesticated birds that are bred and trained for fighting or hunting. Some of the most common gamefowl breeds are American game, Oriental game, Old English game, and Modern game. Gamefowl farms in Kansas offer a variety of services and products, such as breeding, selling, training, hunting, and showing of game birds.

LAZY Z Game Farm

One of the gamefowl farms in Kansas that you can check out is LAZY Z Game Farm. This farm is located in Kansas and has been raising and selling quality game birds since 2015. They specialize in American game and Oriental game breeds, such as Kelso, Hatch, Sweater, Asil, Shamo, and Thai. These are mean birds and must be separated from each other to prevent fighting. LAZY Z Game Farm also offers game bird supplies, such as feeders, waterers, cages, knives, gaffs, and vitamins. You can visit their Facebook page to see their latest posts and photos of their game birds.

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Kansas Creek Gamebirds

Another gamefowl farm in Kansas that you can visit is Kansas Creek Gamebirds. This farm is not only a gamefowl breeder, but also a hunting tour operator. They feature pheasant and chukar guided hunting tours in the rich upland game bird habitat of north central Kansas. They offer hunting tour packages that cover their own controlled hunting areas as well as the surrounding natural game bird habitat. You can hunt primarily pheasant with some quail and chukar on their land. They also provide lodging, meals, dogs, guides, transportation, and bird cleaning services. You can call them at (785) 243-0428 to book your hunting trip.


Gamefowl farms in Kansas are a great place to find and enjoy game birds. Whether you are looking for breeding, selling, training, hunting, or showing of game birds, you can find a gamefowl farm in Kansas that suits your needs. You can also learn more about the different breeds and types of game birds that are available in this state. Gamefowl farms in Kansas are a source of entertainment and education for game bird enthusiasts.


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